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Scrap Metal Buyer in Houston

Commercial Scrap Metal Roll Off containerCommercial Scrap Metal incredibly easy!

Scrap metal from commercial construction, renovation, production and fabrication can often result in multiple tons of scrap metal.

Commercial Scrap Metal Roll Off Containers

Coastal Scrap Metal recycling can provide you with a roll-off bin to collect your scrap so you can sell it to use and reclaim some of the cost of your processes. Call us for delivery and pickup.  We make it easy and fast!

Commercial Scrap Management

Let us manage your scrap for you! We deliver our Roll Off containers and allow your crew to fill them up during construction or demolition.  You simply call when the container is full and we come, pick it up, weigh it and send you a check!  We make it simple.

We have other solutions as well for commercial and heavy industrial scrap metal.

Call us today for more details. tel:7136906777

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Scrap Copper Houston


We also purchase Scrap Copper wiring and pretty much anything copper used in construction and plumbing.  Houston Scrap copper is a huge segment of what we do at Coastal metal recycling! 

Bring pretty much any metal, non-ferrous to us and we will give you a price.

Thank you!

Houston Scrap Metals We buy scrap metal in Houston, Texas